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Mother Support Groups

Our Mother Support Groups are affordable discussion/play groups for moms with babies and toddlers (birth through three years), located on East 82nd Street In Manhattan.  These groups are designed to help parents handle the challenges and transitions of parenthood. They enable mothers to sift through the conflicting advice of books, friends and family members, and learn to read the cues and needs of their own children, thus fostering the self esteem and competences of both mother and child. Read more about our groups here and find out if they are the right fit for you and your child.

Download a description of mother support groups as a pdf.

Short Term Parenting Groups

The Parent Child Center offers short term groups around particular parenting issues based on interest. Call or e-mail Alice Rosenman for current offerings.

Family Consultations

The Pacella Parent Child Center offers parents with children, aged birth through twelve, an opportunity to discuss the inevitable developmental stresses that arise during child rearing. Parents meet with developmental specialists who have long experience working with children and their families to address a range of issues including: feeding issues, sleep issues, tantrums, children's fears and anxieties, separation issues, socialization, responses to the birth of a sibling, setting limits, concerns about the child's development and learning style, and other concerns. Learn more about our family consultations and how they may be of help to you and your child.

Download a description of family consultations as a pdf.

Affiliation with Little Missionary Day Nursery

The Pacella Parent Child Center has established a formal affiliation with the Little Missionary Day Nursery in the East Village of New York City. Eileen Johnson, its director, is now one of our consultants. Members of the Pacella staff periodically consult with their staff, including teachers.

New Programs

Prepare your child for Nursery School - Side by Side play group

Join a spring semester group for mothers and toddlers aged 2 to 3 years. A children’s socialization group, led by a child development team, runs alongside a professionally led mothers’ discussion group in the same room. No more than six mother-child pairs participate in each group, ensuring a cohesive and intimate setting.

A Group for Moms and Dads of 'Tweens' and Young Teens

As children become adolescents, they begin to have more independence, their bodies change, new interests develop... Many parents have concerns about their child's transition to adulthood and the challenges it presents to their relationship with their child.  Our group for Moms and Dads of 'Tweens' and Young Teens is a professionally led group to discuss these issues with parents of similarly aged children. Read more about these groups here and how to learn more here.

Fathers' Groups

We are now expanding our groups to include fathers who stay home with their young children.  The groups are designed to help fathers navigate the challenges of parenthood. Deciding what is useful for your child while sifting through the vast amounts of advice from books, and friends and family, together with learning to read the cues and needs of your children are some of our goals.  The father’s groups are professionally led and are in parallel to supervised play for the children. This allows for an organic exchange between parents, children and staff. Read more about our Fathers' Groups.