Family Consultation

Family Consultations are individual discussions between parents and professionals who are expert in helping parents address the issues and stresses they face during pregnancy, early childhood, and later childhood as their children grow and change.

We invite parents to meet and discuss the subject most critical to them

  • Pregnant mothers and their partners about the upcoming changes in their lives
  • Parents of infants about their children’s feeding, sleeping, and regulation patterns
  • Parents of toddlers about their children’s beginning autonomy, assertiveness, language, mastery of the body, toilet training, and limit-setting/discipline
  • Parents of older children about siblings, entering nursery school and elementary school, activities, watching television, homework, learning issues, and peers
  • Parents who are concerned with their children’s learning styles
  • Parents of pre-adolescents about the beginning of bodily and social changes
  • All parents about the impact of family events as well as family crises on children

Goals of the meetings

  • Explore with the developmental specialist the nature of the concerns
  • Discuss how the concerns can be dealt with
  • Get feedback concerning your child’s needs and functioning
  • Decide how to proceed after the meetings

At the end of the visit/s, the parent/s and our staff will decide the best way to proceed discuss the options available.

To set up an appointment for a consultation or find out more information, contact Leon Hoffman, MD at or at 917.767.6575 or Mary Sickles, MD at or at 212-737-9781.