Mother Support Groups

Mother Support Group - Photo of Child Development Specialist and Child

The Pacella Parent Child Center Parent Child Groups are affordable discussion/play groups for parents with babies and toddlers (birth through three years), located on East 82nd Street in Manhattan.

These groups are designed to help parents handle the challenges and transitions of parenthood. They enable mothers to sift through the conflicting advice of books, friends and family members, and learn to read the cues and needs of their own children, thus fostering the self esteem and competences of both mother and child. The groups provide input on common but challenging issues, such as sleep, breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding, eating, discipline, working outside the home vs. staying at home, and relationships with caregivers.

In our Parent Child Groups, an intimate, professionally led mothers groups occurs parallel to supervised play for the children. the fluid exchange between the groups allows for interactions between parents, children, and staff, and always stimulates an interesting discussion. the children, near the safety of their mothers, develop their own world, by themselves, with other children, and with other adults.

Mother Support Group - Photo of Snack Time

Limited to six families, each Parent Child Group is dedicated to a six month age span, from birth through three years. Meetings are one hour a week throughout most of the year. Unfortunately, space is limited.

What happens in our Parent Child Groups?

  • You will be in a warm, safe, supportive space staffed by experts in child development
  • There is a focus on you, your child, and the particular relationship between the two of you
  • You will gain support and inspiration from other parents who want to nurture their own unique mothering skills
  • You will appreciate the value of play with your child
  • You will gain an understanding of your child's inner world
Mother Support Group - Photo of Play Room

Side-by-side learning for parents with newborns through age three years

  • You will follow your child's development with a group leader as your child plays nearby under the guidance of our responsive staff
  • You will locate tools within yourself so you can understand your own needs and the needs of your children and become the real expert with your children
  • The structure of the children's group evolves from adult/child interaction for babies, to facilitated parallel play for young toddlers and then to an interactive play group for the older toddlers in which they learn to socialize with their peers
  • The playgroup provides developmentally appropriate materials and activities.

Why have other mothers participated in our Parent Child Groups?

  • The Parent Child Groups provide the potential for a three year ongoing group which offers the opportunity for you and your baby to form special bonds with mothers and children who are in similar stages of life
  • New groups are available for mothers with toddlers
  • To minimize isolation and join a small, professionally-led group of mothers who support each other in the group as well as outside the Parent Child Groups
  • Finding a parenting style that feels comfortable for their family and child.
  • To grow and develop as mothers for their babies and toddlers
  • To learn as much as possible about how to solidify their roles with their children
  • Mothers recognize that motherhood is a special task in their lives and realize that input from others (other mothers as well as professionals) is a welcome assistance on behalf of their babies and toddlers
  • Helping the fathers parent the children

Infancy and Early Childhood is a very special time

Mother Support Group - Photo of Play room Setup for Baby Group
  • It is an exciting time for parents as they share and enjoy their youngsters growing and developing.
  • It can also be an anxious time, particularly for first time parents. Why is my baby crying? Have I fed him too little? Too much?
  • How do I learn to understand his or her inner world?
  • How can I learn to play with my child?
  • How can I manage his/her behavior most effectively?
  • Can I become the expert parent he or she needs?

Contact us today to reserve a group and set up a meeting to discuss your individual goals.