Beyond Mommy and Me

There are an increasingly wide array of baby/toddler classes and “Mommy and Me” groups available in the City. As a parent, it can be confusing to sort out the benefits of each and to match any one program to your needs and wants.

Parent Child Groups at The Pacella Parent Child Center are small, intimate, expert-led groups, with a high child to staff ratio that adjust to the needs of the moms and the babies and toddlers in each group.

What makes our groups unique?

  • Side by side mothers' group and children's group, all in the same room. You get to talk to other mothers and a group leader, while your child is engaged with our child development staff and is free to come back and forth to you.
  • A mothers' group led in a way to promote reflection about parent-child interactions, group cohesion and intimacy. The goal is to help each mother find her own way with her individual child, with guidance from the group leader and child development specialist. It is not a didactic group. "We help you find the method that fits you and your child.”
  • A carefully selected range of age appropriate toys and activities, tailored to each developmental level. In the children’s group, we follow each child's lead in play and link language to their play ideas, intentions and wants.
  • We help each child understand the play ideas and feelings of the other children in the group. In this way, we help children connect with one another, facilitating successful interactions at each stage of development.
  • In our toddler group, we have a snack time, hello songs, slide, art activities, musical instruments etc. This promotes togetherness and cooperation.
  • A very high adult/child ratio (4:6) and an approach to helping each child socialize, which our moms (and nursery school directors) have felt provided their children with an invaluable readiness to preschool.
  • A "soft" separation, which is uniquely designed to help children who are hesitant to separate from mom. Our child development specialists slowly and gradually help each child feel comfortable to participate in the children's group.

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