Common Concerns at Different Stages of Development

Newborn to six months
  • How much should I feed him/her? Nursing and/or bottle feeding?
  • Understanding her sleep cycles.
  • Am I giving my baby what he needs? Am I reading his cues accurately?
  • Do I have a strong bond with my baby?

Six months to one year

  • How do I keep my baby safe as she begins to explore?
  • Am I spending enough time playing with him? What activities foster his development?
  • How can I help my baby sleep better? Should I sleep train? If so, how?

One year to eighteen months

  • When and how do I begin to set limits on my exploring toddler?
  • Why does my child play with his food and drop it on the floor?
  • How do I help my toddler with separations?
  • What if my child has night terrors and other sleep related difficulties?

Eighteen months to three years

  • Is my child too aggressive? Is my child too passive? What can I do to help him/her?
  • How do I set limits for my toddler without engaging in power struggles?
  • How do I help my toddler with separations? At home? At school?
  • What is the best way to manage my child's sleep related difficulties?
  • Is my child's language development on track?